Vancouver Building Envelope Company

Services provided includes:

  • bosun chair service up to 300 feet
  • swing stage
  • extension ladder up to 40 feet
  • boom lift up to 100 feet operation
  • scissors lifts
  • rope access services with no limit

    Specialized labour services:

  • Sealants/ Caulking
  • Certified Porcelanosa Exterior cladding/ Facades installer
  • Firestop
  • Glazing
  • Waterproofing
  • Exterior painting
  • Railings installation
  • Concrete and leak fixes

Specialized labour services:

  • new application of silicone based and urethane sealants for windows, flashings, doors, panels
  • sealing dynamically moving expansion joints and control joints, tilt-up panel joints and curtain wall joints
  • fire stopping through all penetrations such as head-off wall, pluming pipes, electric cables, sprinkler pipes, stairs and floor which need to be sealed to prevent fire
  • interior caulking of tiles, bath tubs, baseboards, drywall we also provide restoration services like cutting out old silicones or urethane sealants , replacing leaking window gaskets, power washing, windows cleaning and repair old pealing paints
  • application of waterproofing (traffic coating) materials on to exterior eyebrows, decks, patios, balconies and parkades
  • repair deficiencies on windows, changing flashings, covers, panels installation new, or replacing broken spandrel glass